Monday, August 12, 2013

blueseventy Helix Full Wetsuit... I'm a believer!

As part of the 2013 Wattie Ink Elite Team, I am lucky to have access to top of the line triathlon equipment from several awesome sponsors. One of those awesome sponsors is blueseventy. blueseventy is THE industry leader in everything that happens in the water. According to their website, the name, "blueseventy", comes from the simple fact that 70% of the world is covered in water. Makes perfect sense to me.

The flagship of the blueseventy wetsuit line is the Helix Full Wetsuit and 2013 Wattie Ink athletes are lucky enough to race in custom Helix suits this year!
Picture courtesy of Wattie Ink.
Swimming is my weakest of the three disciplines of triathlon, but thanks to a large volume of swim training AND my new blueseventy Helix wetsuit, I was able to level the playing field in 2013. The Helix is super buoyant. The company touts the industry maximum in neoprene thickness, 5mm in the chest, 5mm in the torso and 4mm in the lower legs. According to blueseventy's wetsuit, this design raises the position of the hips in relation to the rest of the swimmer. What I like the most is the 1.5mm and 1mm think neoprene panels that make up the arms of the wetsuit, resulting in complete freedom of motion. At 6'4" and 220 lbs, I am an athlete with larger shoulders and chest and the Helix does not restrict my movement at all.
Me at the REV3 Quassy practice swim. Pic courtesy of Chris Masilon
A unique feature of this wetsuit, which is different from other wetsuits on the market, is the reverse zipper. When putting the wetsuit on, it zips from the neck down. To remove the wetsuit, pull the cord up. This feature is awesome because it does not allow the cord to be pulled down during a race, which would introduce a large volume of water into the suit. The reverse zipper feature does make it difficult to zip up by yourself, which is the only downside of this wetsuit.
Swim exit at REV3 Knoxville

Swim exit at REV3 Quassy (1.2 mile Swim PR)
blueseventy has paid attention to every detail in this wetsuit and I am proud to wear it adorned with the Wattie Ink. "W"! This is THE wetsuit to wear and it is no wonder why so many top professional AND amateur athletes turn to blueseventy for all their wetsuit needs. After three 70.3 races (and 3 podiums) this year, I am a blueseventy believer!
First time I was 1st out of the water in my division. Tough swim at REV3 Williamsburg.


  1. Nice review! I definitely agree with your points about the flexibility of this suit - definitely helps those of us with broad shoulders. Love my Helix as well!

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